Kim Kardashian goes full frontal in second batch of magazine pics, angers more celebs



Kim Kardashian just gave the world the full enchilada, but not everyone is happy about it.

The 34-year-old reality star attempted to "break the Internet" this week when she released a risque photo spread from Paper Magazine's Winter 2014 Edition that featured a snap of her balancing a champagne glass on her derriere and another photo of her oiled-up naked bottom.

But the headline-maker just outdid what many thought was her most revealing photo ever.

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Kardashian and Paper Magazine released another image late Wednesday of a completely nude full frontal photo. Kardashian, who is lathered up in oil, is wearing nothing but a pearl choker and a dress around her knees. In the saucy photo, she is sporting a goofy grin.


Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

GRAPHIC: Since these are NSFW, we've covered them up, but you can see the full spread here.

The photos, taken by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, could be her most racy yet, as long as you're not counting her 2007 Playboy photo shoot or her early sex tape with ex, rapper Ray J.

Kardashian has been courting controversy ever since she jumped onto the scene in her home video, but after marrying Kanye West and giving birth to their daughter, North West, it seemed like she had toned down her wild ways.

The fact that she's now a mom and still did the suggestive shoot appears to be earning her a Kardashian-sized pile of criticism.

Twitter exploded Wednesday and Thursday with celebs and fans taking aim at the photos. While some specifically targeted the brunette babe for her un-motherly conduct, others simply jested about her ample assets.

Do you think the spread is inappropriate or inspiring? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out some of the celebrity reactions to Kim's photos:
Warning: There is graphic content in this gallery.

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