Is Bob Wegner the world's tallest pro basketball player?

Meet the World's Tallest Pro Basketball Player
Meet the World's Tallest Pro Basketball Player

"The world loves a superlative ... and they don't get more 'SUPER' than Bob Wegner," Newsivity writes.

Though you probably haven't heard of 21-year-old Bob Wegner, you'll definitely look up to him after reading this story. Sorry, that (bad) pun is intended -- because Wegner stands nearly 7 feet eight inches tall. Why the 'nearly'? Well, some sources round up to 7 feet and eight inches, while Bob's Facebook page says he's "7' 71/2," and his Twitter has him at "7'7."

Either way, we promise you ... he's really, really tall.

He has a hand span of 28 cm across, and in US footwear, he's a size 23.

"From the ages of 13 onwards I was well over 6 feet 6 inches and I towered well above my classmates at school!," Wegner told Newsivity.

The Daily Mail notes that -- unsurprisingly -- his nickname is "Big Bob."

"Big Bob" hails from a similarly tall family, though he still towers over his mother and father, who are both over six feet tall.

"Wegner plays for the Lake Michigan Admirals Basketball team which is part of the premier basketball league in USA and this makes him the tallest pro basketball player and tallest pro athlete as a whole on planet earth," Guavo Media wrote on their YouTube page.

Though Wegner's height is indisputable, the Guinness Book of World Records has yet to verify if he is indeed the tallest pro basketball player. As of 2012, Paul Sturgess of the Harlem Globetrotters holds that record. He is seven feet eight inches tall.

It's been a big week for vertically-blessed basketball players. reports that the tallest high school basketball player in the US, Elhadji Tacko Fall, has signed with the UCF Knights.

P.S.: Here's a quick three-word message from Bob:

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