Heartbreaking video shows father singing to ailing newborn days after wife died in childbirth

Chris Picco father sings blackbird to dying newborn
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Heartbreaking video shows father singing to ailing newborn days after wife died in childbirth
Chris and Ashley Picco in a recent picture. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco singing Blackbird to his son, Lennon James Picco, who was delivered by emergency C-section at 24 weeks when Chris' wife Ashley unexpectedly and tragically passed away in her sleep. Lennon's lack of movement and brain activity was a constant concern for the doctors and nurses at Loma Linda University Hospital, where he received the absolute best care available. During the pregnancy, Ashley would often feel Lennon moving to music so Chris asked if he could bring his guitar into the NICU and play for Lennon, which he did for several hours during the last days of Lennon's precious life. One day after filming this, Lennon went to sleep in his daddy's arms. For more information please visit: http://www.piccomemorial.com To donate to a Memorial Fund to help with medical bills and associated expenses, please visit: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/ashley-picco-memorial-fund/260229# © Chris Picco 2014 ALL MEDIA INQUIRES, PLEASE CONTACT: Brett Walls • brett.walls@gardenpediatrics.com • 909-647-7167
The happy couple met while volunteering at Ground Zero in the months after the 9/11 terror attacks. (YouCaring.com)
The expectant mother and father eagerly awaiting their newborn son. (YouCaring)
Lennon Picco shortly after birth. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco referred to his deceased wife as his best friend. (YouCaring.com)
Lennon Picco was delivered via an emergency C-section that claimed his mother's life. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco looks in on Lennon after he was born only 24 weeks - six months - into what should have been a nine month pregnancy. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco gently kisses the newborn's tiny toes. (YouCaring)
Chris Picco looks in on the baby with an unidentified woman. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco gently kisses his newborn boy. (YouCaring.com)
Lennon Picco's tiny had shown holding his father's. (YouCaring.com)
Chris Picco hold his son Lennon; the boy died after only four days of life. (YouCaring.com)


Heartbreaking video posted online shows a California man singing to his ailing newborn son after his wife died during childbirth –- the child died only hours later.

Ashley Picco, 30, died Saturday while undergoing an emergency C-section to try to save the life of newborn Lennon only 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Lennon died four days after he was born.

The video posted to YouTube, by a friend, shows Chris Pico singing the Beatles' "Blackbird" to Lennon while he lies in an incubator at a Loma Linda hospital.

"My wife, best friend and mother of my child passed away," Chris Picco wrote online. "I have a lifetime to grieve this unspeakable loss."

The grieving man brought the guitar to the hospital to sing because deceased wife Ashley would often tell him during the pregnancy she felt Lennon moving while music played, according to the video's description.

Chris Picco played for the boy for several hours. His son died the next day.

Pictures posted online show the loving couple smiling together in the months before Ashley Picco's death.

They also show a devastated Chris Picco cradling his prematurely born son, kissing his toes and holding his hand, making the most of a heart-wrenching situation.

An online fundraiser has been setup to help pay for a joint-memorial service being held for mother and son.

"My little fighter, Lennon James Picco went to sleep in his daddy's arms late last night," Chris Picco wrote on the fundraiser's YouCaring page. "He was dressed in an outfit that Ashley bought for him, with little guitars on it, and wrapped in a blanket made by a dear friend.

"I am so thankful for the four unforgettable days I got to spend with him," Chris Picco continued. "His mommy would have been so beyond joy to see him and to hold him, touch him, bathe him, sing to him - as I have had the privilege of doing."

Ashley and Chris Picco married in 2007 after meeting in New York City while both volunteered at Ground Zero in the months following the 9/11 terror attacks.

She worked as a nurse for two years before her death and often played music together with husband Chris.

A memorial service for both mother and son will be held Saturday, November 15 at 7:30 p.m. local time, in California. It can be viewed online here.

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