Dr. Oz incites Twitter frenzy

Dr. Oz Incites Twitter Frenzy
Dr. Oz Incites Twitter Frenzy

Surgeon-turned-television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz took to the Internet to solicit some questions, and people sure responded.

On Tuesday afternoon, "America's Doctor" tweeted, "What is your biggest question for me?" with the promise of answering his favorite #ozsinbox questions on "The Dr. Oz Show."

Rather than sending their burning medical questions, Twitter users pounced on the opportunity to vent their negative feelings for the 54-year-old TV doc. Many mocked his ability to even offer medical advice.

User Mamakafrin tweeted, "@droz as a cardiothoracic surgeon should you dispense nutrition advice? It's like a neurologist giving out dermatology advice."

Others addressed the controversy surrounding his advice on various toxins and detoxes. Twitter user Chris Scholtz asked, "@droz name specific toxins removed by a detox that is not removed by your liver/kidneys? What studies have you published on this?"

User Andrew Kniss echoed those sentiments, tweeting, "I just read that my new detox regimen might be toxic. Can you recommend a detoxification to detoxify my toxins?"

Others asked questions about his alleged miracle cures, similar to the ones asked during a Senate hearing this past summer where Dr. Oz was grilled about promoting miracle weight loss products on his show.

It's still unclear which questions Dr. Oz will answer, but he might want to think about just scrapping that segment. In fact, celebrities should just stop asking for things over the Internet.

On Monday, comedian Bill Cosby invited Internet users to make a meme using his photo, and it didn't go so well. He eventually took the tweet down after a number of Twitter users highlighted his rape allegations from nearly 20 years ago.

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