Diem Brown hospitalized after setback in cancer battle

Diem Brown Fights for Life in NYC Hospital
Diem Brown Fights for Life in NYC Hospital

MTV reality star Diem Brown, who has bravely battled cancer for nearly a decade, is now fighting for her life in a New York City hospital, E! reports.

Brown's close friend, E! correspondent Alicia Quarles shared this update:

"Diem went into the hospital on Sunday. Her family is amazing, her father is here, her sisters, her brothers, all of her friends, we've been surrounding her non-stop. Last night wasn't a good night, but ... the doctors said 'anybody else would not have survived last night, but Diem continues to amaze them.' She is stable now, today is a good day and that's all we can ask for.'

Diem, 32, asked Quarles to tell her fans to 'pray for her,' as she believes in the power of prayer.

On Instagram, Diem opened up about her strong will to fight. She wrote, " Need tons of prayers, advice, support and outreach. I'm not taking no for an answer. Alicia Quarles will take medical advice. Contact her. We know there is hope and help. We need you."

Diem has been very candid about her health struggles since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years ago at age 23. In 2012, she revealed that the cancer had returned. In October, she received even more difficult news: The cancer found in her stomach and colon in August spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

If you'd like to help support Diem's battle, check out her MedGift page.

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