Diamonds created from peanut butter

Diamonds Created from Peanut Butter

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then diamonds made from peanut butter are too much to handle.

Over four million people were killed in a regional African war between 1998 and 2003 over limited mineral resources, including diamonds, according to NBC News. However, the process to create fake diamonds is becoming much simpler. To demonstrate the point, German scientist Dan Frost claims he is able to make diamonds from peanut butter. The process takes several weeks to create a diamond just 3 millimeters in length.

Real diamonds are made of carbon atoms that have been heated and compressed at depths about 100 miles in the Earth's mantle.

Frost makes his peanut butter diamonds by using the sandwich staple as a source of carbon. He puts it between two diamonds and squeezes the peanut butter.

The result is a very tiny, and less pure diamond.

This process as the potential to alleviate conflict or "blood" diamonds."

It would be interesting to see what other materials could be used to make diamonds. People would pay a ton of money for diamonds made from Big Papi's broken bats.

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