Workers rescue driver from creek

VIRAL: City Employees Save Man After Truck Crashes in Creek
VIRAL: City Employees Save Man After Truck Crashes in Creek

A man who crashed his truck into a Dallas creek was saved on Tuesday.

The group stood on the truck bed, which was almost completely submerged, as they worked to pull the man out of the driver's-side window.

Although this story is amazing enough on its own, there's another factor that's caught national media's attention. HLN reports, "They had no idea the driver was a friend of theirs ... the rescuers smashed a window and pulled a guy out and that's when they realized, 'We know him!'"

One of the rescuers told CBS, "As a co-worker, we are like a family."

Reports say the man in the truck, who hasn't been identified, is a colleague of the City of Dallas men who rescued him. WFAA reports, "The rescuers say the driver was alert but stuck in water up to his neck."

The man reportedly suffered a medical emergency before his truck went into White Rock Creek. He is recovering at a hospital.

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