Veteran salutes soldiers with free snacks

Navy Veteran's Act of Kindness Will Warm Your Heart
Navy Veteran's Act of Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

SWANSEA, IL (KTVI) – A local store customer reminds us that Good Samaritans are among us. Just this morning at Hucks convenient store in Swansea, Illinois, a Navy veteran was purchasing coffee when in walks a group of around 20 active military men and women. The veteran makes his purchase, steps to the side of the counter, and asks the cashier to add each of their tickets to his bill.

An assortment of purchases including corn nuts, hot dogs, and energy drinks comes out to a total of nearly $70. The anonymous giver declined a photo or name when asked.

Manager Tim Lillis says he never seen a kind gesture like this ever before in his store.

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