Man wrongly accused in break-in sues Nancy Grace

Man Wrongly Accused In Break-In Sues Nancy Grace, Crime Stoppers
Man Wrongly Accused In Break-In Sues Nancy Grace, Crime Stoppers

DENVER - Lawyers for a man who was wrongly accused of breaking into a home earlier this year filed a lawsuit Monday against Denver Crime Stoppers and talk show host Nancy Grace.

You might remember the picture of the man that made it into the media and on the Internet.

A woman in Denver who had just put her children to bed found the picture on her cell phone and called police.

The police department and Crime Stoppers put out an alert looking for the man and the story was picked up by Nancy Grace who accused the man on her national talk show of being a serial killer.

It turns out that the man was in California and he had no connection to the case.

Denver police later cleared him and said he did nothing wrong, but his lawyer says the damage was done.

"We are interested based on the history of the research we've uncovered – we're pretty confident there are other victims – and so we're asking for other victims to come forward," attorney John Pinea said.

Turner Broadcasting did not respond to FOX31 Denver's request for comment regarding the suit against Nancy Grace.

Crime Stoppers called the lawsuit misguided.

It seeks unspecified monetary damages.

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