Man trapped in Marshalls store wall now trespassing suspect

Man Trapped in Marshalls Store Wall Now Trespassing Suspect
Man Trapped in Marshalls Store Wall Now Trespassing Suspect

Denver got its strange news fix Tuesday when employees inside an area Marshalls store called 911 after hearing a man's voice trapped inside the walls of the store. Local newspaper Longmont Times-Call had a photographer on scene as firefighters managed to cut through the outside wall of the store and pull a very tired, very cold 35-year-old man into the open air.

And that started the careful game of what to call the man.

The vast majority of headlines around the nation played it safe, as they probably should, calling the three-day wall dweller simply a "man." Our favorite label, though, has to be Fox News' use of "bloke" on Wednesday's morning show.

Sgt. Matt Cage with the Longmont Police Department was a little more blunt with his words, "We've had burglary suspects that have gotten trapped, but never anything like this." Police confirmed criminal charges are now pending for at least criminal trespass.

The Times-Call reports the suspect, has prior property crime convictions on his record and tried to slip "help" notes to employees through store walls. One note was reportedly written on his probation officer's business card.

But keep in mind the space the man trapped himself in isn't heated, and the temperature by Tuesday evening's newscasts - only a few hours after the man's rescue - was hovering around 10 degrees. Firefighters said they were grateful to make a rescue, not a recovery.

As a writer for KMGH joked, "If convicted, some of us feel he should get credit for time served."

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