LeBron's first Cavaliers jersey of 2014 up for auction

You Can Buy LeBron's First Dirty, Sticky Cavs Jersey of 2014
You Can Buy LeBron's First Dirty, Sticky Cavs Jersey of 2014

LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers jersey has come far in the past few years.

Just four years ago, LeBron James announced he'd be heading from Cleveland to Miami via free agency -- and fans didn't react very well.

Now he's back in his home state, playing for the Cavs and smoothing things over -- and the NBA is auctioning off the jersey from LeBron's first game back in Cleveland on Oct. 30.

That game resulted in a five-point loss to the Knicks, but LeBron did finish with 17 points, four assists and five rebounds.

What are some of the "special" features of the jersey?

According to NBA Auctions, "LeBron James was 'mic'd up' for this game. His jersey has a black pouch on the inside where the microphone resides. There is also 'sticky tape' residue on the inside of the jersey to help secure the microphone."

You wouldn't want to wash that thing and lose the magical value of it, right? Maybe LeBron's sweat is still on it.

As one Bleacher Report writer puts it, "You want LeBresidue? You'll get LeBresidue -- but it will cost you."

That cost will likely be more than $8,000. As it is, the highest bidder is offering $7,960, but the auction doesn't close until Nov. 20, so that number has plenty of time to go up.

It has a whole lot of room to make up before it comes close to an article from another NBA great. Yes -- we're talking about Jordan.

Michael Jordan's "flu game" shoes sold for a hefty price tag of $100,000 last December. Jordan wore those in the 1997 NBA Finals in a pivotal Game 5 against the Utah Jazz. The Bulls went on to win that game and the championship.

LeBron's jersey likely won't fit the average person though. The 6-foot 8-inch, 250-lb. forward supposedly wears a 2-XL and an additional two inches in length.

The NBA has not indicated where proceeds for the jersey will go once it's sold.

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