Kim Kardashian goes on campaign to break the Internet with full butt shot



Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is at it again, this time appearing on the cover of Paper Magazine bearing her entire bare butt. This is the latest turn in the soap opera that surrounds the callipygian starlet's often-talked about derriere.

Kardashian is no stranger to controversy -- she exploded onto the scene years ago in a leaked sex tape that went viral. In the ensuing years, she's been offering her millions of followers on social media glimpses of her booty. This one is by far the most revealing -- and, fair warning, the most NSFW.

There are actually two images, both of which Kardashian shared on social media with the hashtag #BreakTheInternet. The first is more comical, and far safer for work and life in general. It shows her pulling off a tricky balancing act with a champagne glass resting on her most famous asset.

She joked on Twitter about pulling off the champagne glass feat:

The second image is the one that has the potential break the Internet -- and maybe a few antiquated laws that are still on the books somewhere. Below, see a cropped version of the image that attempted to make a little more decent for a family audience.

Kim Kardashian showing her
Kim Kardashian showing her

To get the full experience -- and we want to warn you again that the photo is VERY revealing -- and see the photo everyone will be talking about for days to come, click through to Paper Magazine's website right here.

The eye-popping photo caught the attention of her husband, too. Kanye West posted this one-word comment on Twitter Tuesday night: #ALLDAY.

And, according to TMZ, she showed the ample goods for free. The gossip site reports that sources at Paper Magazine said the publication can't afford to pay market value for Kardashian and compensation was never a viable option. TMZ goes on to report that her sole motivation for taking part in the racy shoot was the chance to work with legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

This summer, Stylelist declared 2014 the year of the butt, and Kardashian's spread for the mag, which costs a whopping $10, is further proof of that claim. Her risque cover comes a day after the Associated Press filed an in-depth report on the mainstreaming of 'big booty' and the businesses that are cashing in on America's burgeoning obsession with larger rear ends.

If nothing else, Kardashian has proven herself the foremost pioneer in the big booty mainstreaming phenomenon underway in America right now.

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