James Middleton dishes about royal relatives William and Kate

James Middleton Dishes About Royal Relatives
James Middleton Dishes About Royal Relatives

James Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother, sat down with ABC for an exclusive interview.

Although he was there to talk about his newest business venture, he couldn't help but dish a few tidbits about those royal relatives of his.

He admitted he was really nervous when he gave a reading at Kate and William's wedding back in 2011: "The reading? I felt -- yes, I was absolutely terrified."

He also talked about Kate and William's trusty canine, Lupo. Turns out, the furry companion was a wedding present from James. Middleton explains, "It was my sort of ... my little treat for them was to give them a puppy, and Lupo was their gift."

Although James is most often seen out and about with his sister Pippa, he said he gets to see Kate and his nephew George on a regular basis.

James, who started the Cake Kit Company a few years ago, is once again heading in a sweet direction when it comes to business.

This year he started a company called Boomf, which specializes in edible selfies. Yep, now you can stick your face on a marshmallow. He even holds the esteemed title of "Wonka-In-Chief."

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