Anderson Cooper tricked into shaming himself on 'Ridiculist' segment

Anderson Cooper Shamed By Co-Workers On Live TV
Anderson Cooper Shamed By Co-Workers On Live TV

When Anderson Cooper set out to make fun of co-workers' annoying habits during Monday's airing of CNN's "AC 360," he had no clue he was the actual target.

The silver fox burns a basil-scented candle in his office, but apparently his co-workers don't like how it smells. They got revenge by changing his teleprompter during his "RidicuList" segment. He certainly wasn't expecting to see his office -- and candle -- on screen, and it took him a while to pull himself together.

Cooper tried to defend his candle, saying that it's a part of his meditation and he's only trying to create a serene (non-smelly) space.

We're just happy to see him laugh uncontrollably again, like he did back in 2011 when he lost it while trying to be punny about French actor Gerard Depardieu. Even fellow CNN host Wolf Blitzer feels Cooper has a giggle problem.

We hope Cooper won't stop his giggling habit anytime soon, but as for the candle, he says it's going to get tossed.

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