Woman finds missing husband 9 years later with new wife

Woman Finds Missing Husband 9 Years Later With New Wife
Woman Finds Missing Husband 9 Years Later With New Wife

A woman who spent nearly a decade desperately searching for her husband who suddenly vanished from their home, finally found him...just a few towns away and happily married to someone else.

Karen Marx says her husband Adam left their home in 2005 without any explanation. He had left the family a few years before but this time he didn't come back and Karen was left with his bills.

For the next nine years she tried to track him down but it wasn't until this year that she had any success. She found his mother on Facebook and called her only to find out he'd taken up a new life with a new wife, which is illegal since they're still married.

Karen told Post-Crescent Media she went to the police and Adam was arrested. He's been charged with bigamy, fraud and a making false statement on a marriage license. If convicted he faces up to six years in prison.

Karen says she intends to file for divorce and doesn't plan on finding a new mate until that's finalized.

Between disappearing and divorce, the latter is probably the right way to go if you're set on leaving your partner. Otherwise, it's bound to bite you in the ass.

A Canadian man who was thought to have died in a fire back in 1977 was found living in Oklahoma earlier this year. He had taken up a new name ... and a new family. His wife did not file any criminal charges against him.

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