Video shows housekeeper rooting through hotel guest's belongings


A video uploaded to YouTube claims to depict a housekeeper handling a hotel guest's belongings as she turned down his room.

The footage was purportedly taken November 5 in a brand name U.S. hotel, and, as of noon Tuesday has amassed nearly 1.3 million views.

An AOL News attempt to speak with Vince Stravix, the person who posted the video, was rebuffed, but the footage's description claims it "happened in the States."

"I was staying at a brand-named hotel and I kept all of my items laid out in my room," Stravix wrote. "Not anymore."

The female housekeeper is shown eyeing a package received by Stravix while cleaning his room before moving on to some bigger ticket items.

She then tries to use both of his laptops and goes through his Playstation 3 games.

The woman also tries to use a tablet he has in the room.

She eventually gets around to dusting the furniture, making the bed and emptying the bathroom garbage before leaving.

None of the items appear to have been stolen.

It is not clear if her actions violate any hotel rules or local laws, since the possessions were left out in the open. It also is not clear how Stravix captured the footage.

But he does has advice for those staying in hotels.

"Keep you're [sic] items hidden in the trunk of a car, or at least hidden from view!"

Hotel Maid Goes Through Guest's Personal Belongings
Hotel Maid Goes Through Guest's Personal Belongings

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