Potential mass shooting averted by quick-thinking Texas gun shop owner

Texas Gun Store Owner Prevents Mass Shooting
Texas Gun Store Owner Prevents Mass Shooting


A Texas gun shop owner may have prevented a horrific mass-shooting.

Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill silently notified police last week as a deranged man demanded to buy a gun and more than 1,000 bullets to shot up a hospital, according to KTBC.

The unnamed man entered the Austin gun shop Thursday afternoon talking about having a horrible night and wanting a powerful handgun to exact his revenge, Cargill told the station.

The quick-thinking shopkeeper instead hit the silent alarm and kept the suspect occupied until cops arrived.

"I know I look terrible. I just had the worst night of my life," the man told Cargill. "[Inaudible] out of the hospital and all this terrible stuff happened. Awful.

"I don't want to ever think about what happened last night," he continued. "I'm not walking in this f****g town another minute without a gun on me."

The man wanted a Sig Sauer handgun and 500-rounds each of Full Metal Jacket, hollow Point and Ball ammunition, according to Cargill, who initially watched him on surveillance footage from the office before giving him verification paperwork.

"Before he fills out the paperwork, he tells me 'You know what...I want a gun. I want this Sig," Cargill recalled to KTBC. "I want to make sure you guys have the ammunition for it.

"And I'm gonna go over there to that hospital and I'm going to shoot everyone in that hospital," the man said, leading Cargill to turn on the silent alarm.

"I'm gonna be back here in about an hour. I need 500 rounds of ball, 500 rounds of wadcutter, 500 rounds of the ones that explode. I'm gonna need some training rounds ... [inaudible] you can shoot people with those and they're fine."

Police immediately arrested the man and discovered he had been released from the mental ward of the hospital he planned to target, sources told the station. He was sent on his way due to a lack of beds.

Cargill expressed gratitude the police quickly arrived and a potential disaster was averted.

The suspect, who cannot be named due to federal laws protecting patient's health records, remains in custody.

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