'Pawn Stars' takes a look back at the show's most valuable toys

'Pawn Stars' Takes A Look Back At The Show's Most Valuable Toys
'Pawn Stars' Takes A Look Back At The Show's Most Valuable Toys

On "Pawn Stars," we learned that sometimes little toys can sell for big money in a look back at some of Corey and ChumLee's favorite items.

The appraiser explained, "The money-piece definitely is the Jawa. I've seen this figure by itself go anywhere between $8-$10,000." He added that the head of Stretch Serpent Armstrong toy would go for a hefty amount. "Just this alone, a guy would pay," he said, "$4-$5,000 just for the head."

Yes, you heard that right. Just those two items: A Star Wars Jawa figurine and a Stretch Serpent Armstrong toy were worth a combined total of between $12,000-$15,000.

If you're unfamiliar with the Star Wars character, the Jawas are aliens who are only about 3 feet tall who look for discarded scrap to sell off to others for a profit, known for their trademark yellow eyes, and brown cloaks and hoods.

Collectors pine after the 'vinyl cape' Jawas because they were only made with that cape for a short time, making them incredibly rare. In an update, we found out the store sold that figure just 10 days after the episode aired for a smooth $8,000.

The other toy was an offshoot of a trend of toys in the 1970s based off none other than Stretch Armstrong.

And although the seller only had the head, the toy is rare enough that it was still worth $4-$5,000. But apparently, nobody will ever be able to buy that head. Turns out that an employee may have thought it was trash and accidentally threw it out.

But a complete and unstretched toy is currently being sold on Ebay for just shy of $7,000, if you're so inclined. Happy hunting.

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