Pat Sajak walks off 'Wheel of Fortune' set after second dumb answer

Pat Sajak Loses It On 'Wheel Of Fortune'
Pat Sajak Loses It On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

It took more than twenty years, but "Wheel Of Fortune" host Pat Sajak finally lost it.

On Monday night's episode, best friends Lee and Mitch guessed the letter "N" during the game's final spin puzzle. The category was "What are you doing?" Contestants are given just three seconds to try and solve the puzzle, so Lee decided to go for it.

He guessed, "Riding a brown horse." Incorrect.

That answer is a strange -- even by "Wheel Of Fortune" standards -- but that didn't stop the next team of best friends from guessing something equally bizarre.

They guessed, "Riding a white horse." Also incorrect.

Sajak briefly walked off the set, only to return and playfully shout, "Who said anything about a horse!"

The correct answer was "seeing a buddy movie."

It's been quite a week for "Wheel Of Fortune." Recently, one contestant incorrectly guessed the letter "L," and the next contestant thought it would be smart to guess the letter again.

Sometimes it pays to listen. Luckily, Sajak was able to keep his cool.

Check out the full clip here:

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