Man blames Delta Airlines for losing his dog

Man Blames Delta For Losing His Dog
Man Blames Delta For Losing His Dog

A man is blaming Delta Airlines for losing his beloved dog. On October 31st, Frank Ramano boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa. He paid $200 to have his pooch named Ty stay in a crate during the journey.

Ramano was in his seat when an airline staffer reportedly told him about the dog. Romano stated, "She said 'your dog bit through the kennel' and we need 'you to just identify the dog.' And then she changed her story that they couldn't find my dog. And that the dog had been lost for an hour."

Ramano and his relatives were moving from L.A. to Tampa at the time of the incident. They have since arrived in Tampa, but Ty remains missing. The dog is microchipped and his owner has no plans to stop the search for him. A poster with Ty's photo has been set up at the Los Angeles airport. Delta has launched an investigation into the case.

In the meantime, Ramano is left with bitter feelings towards Delta and claims he'll never again use the airline. Ramano was homeless when he adopted the 6-year-old canine. His family, including the dog, was moving to Tampa for job opportunities and an all around better life, but now the focus is on finding Ty.

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