Final Tower of London poppy 'planted' on Armistice Day


Commemorations are taking place around the world to mark the anniversary of the end of World War I and none are more beautiful than the remembrance in the UK.

The final poppy was planted at the Tower of London Tuesday by a young 13-year-old cadet. Thousands of onlookers gathered to get a look at the massive crimson field filled with more than 888,000 ceramic poppies.

The exhibition is powerful and emotional as well as gorgeous--every poppy stands for somebody who lost their life. This year is particularly special because it marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.

The flower became a powerful commemorative symbol because many soldiers lost their lives surrounded by fields of poppies during the Great War.

The poppy also became a the symbol of a single gunshot, because a poppy--ironically-- looks like a gunshot wound.

The BBC reports this installation has been extended.

It was supposed to end this week but the Prime Minister says that this installation should remain standing until the end of the month.

Tower Of London Poppies Honor WWI Soldiers
Tower Of London Poppies Honor WWI Soldiers