Chick-Fil-A manager bans teenage slang

Chick-Fil-A Manager Bans Teenage Slang
Chick-Fil-A Manager Bans Teenage Slang

By Keri Lumm

What words would you like your teenager to stop saying? Maybe you should take a clue from a manager at Chick fil-A and make a comprehensive list.

For as long as the adult/teenager dynamic has existed, grownups have wanted teens to stop with their new fangled words and ideas. Well, a manager of a Chick-fil-A is supposedly taking that to a whole new level. According to a Reddit post made by an employee, the manager Eric, is tired of unprofessional slang.

According to the Reddit post, the boss made a comprehensive list of words he wants employees to check at the door. Words like "ratchet" and "salty."

He is really serious about the word "bae;" if you scratch it out you will miss free employee meals.

Thankfully Eric does allow some of the words to be used as long as they are used appropriately like "chill." You can't be chill, but someone can chill that delicious lemonade. "Barely" can be said as long as you say it without the weird voice. Don't even think about saying "about a week ago" especially if you sing and dance while you say it -- and no Felicia either ("there is nobody here named Felicia")

Oh Eric, you've just given employees a reason to make up new words to annoy you with.

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