Bret Michaels has been hospitalized 6 times in only 2 weeks



Rocker Bret Michaels has been hospitalized several times in recent weeks as he recovers from kidney surgery.

The 51-year-old singer has been admitted to half a dozen hospitals around the Midwest, friend and guitarist Pete Evick confirmed on the Poison frontman's Facebook page.

"Over the last two weeks Bret was in and out of 6 hospitals throughout the Midwest. Including the incredible Mercy Hospital of Northwest Arkansas," wrote Evick. "The staff and doctors were unbelievable and took incredible care of Bret."

Doctors have put two stents in the singer-turned-reality-star's body in the past few days, according to Evick.

Despite his ailing health, Michaels insisted on continuing to perform, leading to the multiple hospital stints.

Post by Bret Michaels.

"This time it went real bad," Evick continued. "During the show he gave 100 percent, but he hurt himself. Jumping around with two stents was a bad idea.

"I can't explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after the show."

The hospital stay after that show resulted in Michaels being medicated to sleep by doctors so he could not leave, according to Evick.

A charity event had to be postponed because of the time needed to recuperate.

"Bret was truly devastated," said Evick. "It's actually honorable to me that he always brings up the concern for the fans first before addressing his condition."

Michaels live-blogged the 2013 Grammy Awards for AOL.

He has Type 1 diabetes and also underwent emergency appendectomy surgery in 2010, according to ABC News. He suffered a hemorrhage at the base of his brain stem following the procedure.

The singer is still expected to make scheduled concerts this weekend in Florida.

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