Women who resemble their dogs are given makeovers

Meredith Makes Over People Who Look Like Their Dogs
Meredith Makes Over People Who Look Like Their Dogs

On "The Meredith Vieira Show" Monday, we met two women who were starting to look a bit too much like their faithful sidekicks. First up was Rose and her Cavalier King Charles named Penny Lane.

Rose wears pigtails to resemble her 'fur-baby,' and also picks out matching outfits. After we met Rose, we were introduced to Fern, who seems to have passed on her long blond hair and love of glitter to her Shih Tzu, Lola.

These women were hoping for a new look, so Meredith assembled her glam squad to give them much-deserved makeovers. The dogs even got in on the action, and celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky was brought in to help.

Both women looked amazing post-makeover, and Fern wrote on her Facebook wall that she and Lola were thrilled with their makeovers.

Though the segment was silly, it made us wonder: is there something to the fact that owners and dogs seem to often resemble one another?

Psychology Today reported that "the mere exposure effect" sometimes comes into play, meaning that people pick pets who look similar to themselves because its a familiar look.

Are you starting to resemble your pooch (or cat, or fish friend)? Tell us in the comments.

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