Subway brawl erupts as young woman is brutally smacked by hulking man



An early morning subway ride in Manhattan turned violent after an unidentified man smacked a female shouting at and hitting him.

Video posted Saturday to YouTube shows the hulking male violently smack the young woman before pouncing on another male and repeatedly punching him in the face around 4:16 a.m. The uptown F train was headed towards the West 4th Street subway stop.

The fracas began when the woman began making fun of the tall man's leather jacket, which has an eight ball on it, and furry hat.

He calmly smiled and nodded, appearing to try to avoid conflict.

The aggressive woman then realized she was being filmed and twice knocked the phone filming the ordeal out of another individual's hand.

The leather jacket-wearing man then taunted the woman in front of her friends.

"You sound stupid," she fired back at him.

He said something else, and she again yelled at him.

"What you call me?"

The woman then went after the man in the leather jacket, hitting him in the back of the head.

He reflexively then turned around and smacked her so hard she staggered back several feet. The sound of the impact can be clearly heard in the video.

Everyone in the train car shouted when the girl was hit.

Multiple guys and women then jumped the smacker. He incredibly fought all of them off as the person filming the incident backed away from the melee.

The giant man then cornered one person against a subway door and brutally beat him in the head before eventually letting him go.

Police have not identified any of the individuals involved in the incident despite the video having been viewed more than 660,000 times as of late Monday morning.

The investigation is ongoing.

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