Olsen twins no longer appear identical -- because they are not identical twins

Wait, Before You Go All 'Renee Zellweger' On Mary-Kate Olsen...
Wait, Before You Go All 'Renee Zellweger' On Mary-Kate Olsen...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stepped out Thursday night to attend the 2014 World Of Children Awards in New York City, but the 28-year-old twins didn't look all that similar. Images of the two are sparking rumors that Mary-Kate has gone under the knife, a rumor the fashion designer hasn't confirmed or denied, though accusations are likely unjust.

Contrary to popular belief, the Olsen twins are fraternal twins, not identical, so it wouldn't be odd for the two to look different as they get older.

This may just be the tabloids' most recent attempt to scandalize change. Last month, Renee Zellweger was subjected to incredibly overblown and brutally sexist scrutiny because her face looked different.

The 45-year-old actress maintains she didn't have any cosmetic surgery. She doesn't look like the same person who starred in "Jerry Maguire" back in 1996 ... because that was nearly 20 years ago!

To shame Mary-Kate Olsen for not looking like Ashley Olsen would be like shaming Scarlett Johansson for not looking like her fraternal twin, Hunter.

They're not before and after photos; they're siblings.

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