Mark Zuckerberg and 7 other moguls who wear the same outfit every day

Mark Zuckerberg and 7 Other Moguls Who Wear The Same Outfit Every Day
Mark Zuckerberg and 7 Other Moguls Who Wear The Same Outfit Every Day

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explains he wears the same gray t-shirt every single day because it helps him make Facebook better.

In his first ever public question and answer posted to the company's Facebook page, when asked about his repetitive wardrobe, Zuckerberg responded making one less decision every morning helps him give more energy to his company.

"I feel like i'm not doing my job if i spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life so that way i can dedicate all of my energy towards building the best products and services."

It's the same "I'm too busy and important to waste time in outfit-picking" reason other tech moguls had for their uniforms. Like Segway founder Dean Kamen's denim-on-denim with work boots, or Steve Jobs' black turtleneck, dad jeans, and white sneakers.

But the phenomenon isn't unique to tech billionaires. Fashion industry success stories like Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Karl Lagerfeld, and Tom Ford all stick to the same basic outfit every day. Author Tom Wolfe made a white suit his daily signature, and of course being 'the man in black' helped make Johnny Cash a legend.

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