Lyrebird makes amazing laser sounds

Amazing Songbird Makes Laser Sounds
Amazing Songbird Makes Laser Sounds

The lyrebird is an Australian species best known for its ability to mimic man-made sounds. National Geographic has recorded these remarkable birds mimicking such unnatural noises as a chainsaw and a car alarm, and a student captured a lyrebird's perfect laser impression.

Wen Hao Lee, a visiting student from Malaysia, may have found the most talented songbird ever in Healesville Sanctuary, Australia. Its laser noise may sound threatening, but its beautiful tail and pleasant chirping show it means no harm.

Wen Hao Lee told StoryFul that the "lyrebird was the most amazing songbird I had ever seen apart from Kookaburra. I was standing before this bird waiting for the surprise as suggested on my visitor's brochure. All of a sudden, it just tweaked (sic) sound that was beyond my comprehension."

Though the video was shot in December 2013, it's starting to go viral now.

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