Husband proposes to wife with 15-year-old missing ring

Husband Proposes to Wife With 15-Year-Old Missing Ring
Husband Proposes to Wife With 15-Year-Old Missing Ring

Lacey Butler's mother lost her wedding ring over 15 years ago. Despite searching high and low for years, she had come to accept that the ring would never be found again. Lacey said they figured the ring was on a job site, or was stolen.

On October 26th, however, Lacey's dad found the ring stashed away in a small wooden box. He knew she would be overjoyed to see it, so he decided to make an event out of it.

Instead of just presenting the ring to his wife, he decided to add a twist. While his wife was in the pantry, he got down on one knee. At first, she was oblivious to his presence. Then, when she finally turned around, she wasn't quite sure what was going on ... until she saw the ring.

When she realized what her husband was holding, she fell to the floor in shock. Oh, and don't worry, said 'yes' -- for the second time in 38 years.

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