GM ordered replacement switches before recall

GM Ordered Replacement Switches Before Recall: Report
GM Ordered Replacement Switches Before Recall: Report

More troubling revelations have been released involving the General Motors ignition switch recall.

A report revealed the company seemed to be aware that there was a problem with the switches before alerting federal safety regulators.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GM ordered half a million replacement ignition switches almost two months before the massive recall.

The automaker has already been criticized for waiting 11 years to initiate that recall, resulting in a $35 million fine issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But most disturbing is that the faulty switch is blamed for 30 deaths, and more serious injuries - An inexcusable fact to the Congressional committee which cited a 2005 GM document that reportedly showed the cost of fixing the defect was just 57 cents per car.

Another document obtained by Reuters showed the change would have cost an extra 90 cents per unit.

GM finally announced in June that it was offering compensation to families of victims killed by the faulty ignitions in their cars.

Compensation expert Kenneth R. Feinberg that there would be no cap on the amount of money the company will spend on victims and their families, saying $1 million was just a starting point.

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