Father goes ballistic after boy microwaves glowstick and it explodes

Kid Microwaves Glow Stick, It Blows Up in His Face
Kid Microwaves Glow Stick, It Blows Up in His Face


This is yet another child who probably should have just listened to his father.

The unlucky lad had a glowstick explode all over his face and shirt after he microwaved it against his father's wishes.

Hilarious video shows the boy, repeatedly referred to as Jack, activate the glowstick and pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

He then takes the nuked glowstick out of the microwave looks at and shakes it until the toy hilariously explodes, covering him in hot liquid that glows in the dark.

Jack screams in agony as his father runs into the room.

"Jesus, are you kidding me?" The man frantically asks.

"It's on my face, on my face," screams Jack.

The boy's father scrambles to figure out how to help his son but has no clue how to make the pain go away.

"It's in my eyes!" The boy screams.

"I gotta see what to do, ding-a-ling," the father shouts back before pleading with the ailing boy not to rub his eyes.

"Don't microwave it, Jack," the father recalls saying.

"Not to mention, it's all over your awesome shirt," he continues.

"It'll come out," the boy insists between anguished screams.

"I doubt it," says his father before repeating his recollection of telling Jack not to microwave the glowstick.

"What did you do? With your beautiful shirt on, and get it in your eyes," he continues. "Am I ever right about anything, Jack?

"Am I? Ever? Right? Can you ever listen?"

Jack can then be see on camera, rubbing his eyes.

"It's in my f*****g eyes!" The boy shouts before letting out another anguished scream.

The boy cried while his father flushed his eyes with water and his father ranted about knocking down his mother's "spider thing."

"Yeah, we're good at listening," he continued as the boy apologized.

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