Welsh man known as 'Fifi' murdered young woman and ate half her face

U.K. Man 'Cannibal Killer' Found Eating Woman's Eyeball
U.K. Man 'Cannibal Killer' Found Eating Woman's Eyeball


A Welsh man was reportedly shot to death by police with a Taser gun when they discovered him eating the face of a woman he had just killed.

Matthew Williams, known to locals as "Fifi," was discovered Thursday by police to have eaten half the face -– including an eyeball –- of 22-year-old Cerys Marie Yemm, according to the Independent.

They immediately subdued him with a 50,000-volt Taser, the electric shock claimed his life.

Fifi, 34, was out of prison for only two weeks when he met Yemm in a bar in Argoed, in South Wales. She went back with the ex-con to a hostel for the homeless he was staying in, according to the BBC.

It was there that he murdered and ate the unsuspecting young woman's face, police said.

Her exact cause of death has not yet been released. An autopsy will be conducted over the weekend.

Williams, also nicknamed "Hannibal Lecter" by locals, had just finished a five-and-a-half-year prison term for savagely beating a partner, according to the Independent.

Fifi was arrested at the scene but later died while in custody.

Police have not said if he was on drugs when the attack occurred.

Face eating is known to be a side effect of taking a designer drug called bath salts, and infamously led to a series of "zombie attacks" two years ago in the U.S.

The pair were previously acquainted with each other prior to the grisly killing, police said.

Authorities described the crime scene inside the ordinary-looking three-story building as "grotesque" in comments to the BBC.

The tiny village has been shell-shocked by the horrific murder.

We hear on the news that it has been cannibalism," Gareth Griffiths told the BBC. "Nobody wants to hear that, it must be a horrific way to die, it's horrible, it's unbearable"

Another woman told the BBC: "It's all very upsetting."

Yemm worked in sales at a clothing store in the nearby town of Blackwood, according to her Facebook page. She also appeared to have many friends and was well-liked in the community.

Hundreds of people expressed their shock and sadness in comments left on two separate remembrance pages on the social network.

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