The meaning of life is love: Russian strongman Vladimir Putin shows he has a heart

Putin Tops Forbes Most Powerful List
Putin Tops Forbes Most Powerful List


Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently has a soft side.

The iron-fisted ruler of Russia for more than a decade has revealed that he feels the meaning of life can be found in love.

Comments made to state-owned media outlet RIA Novosti have shown a side of the former KGB operative not seen by many.

"The meaning of our whole life and existence is love," Putin is quoted as saying. "It is love to the family, to the children, to the motherland.

"This phenomenon is complicated, it lies at heart of any of our behaviors," the unusually poetic Putin waxed.

Recently named the "World's Most Powerful Man" by Forbes magazine, Putin is often shown in absurd staged images depicting him as a rugged outdoorsman capable of wrestling animals with his bare hands.

Other pictures of him engaging in various activities, including going underwater in a submersible vehicle, have bordered on Bond villain territory.

But these comments show the strongman's softer side.

"It is exactly the top priority which all of us should go after," he continued. "I am absolutely sure that we will succeed."

Russian officials denied claims on Friday the country sent 32 tanks, 30 army trucks and 16 howitzers into Ukraine this week amid ongoing battles between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels.

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