Starbucks enforces new dress code for employees

New Starbucks Dress Code Bans Workers From Wearing Wedding Rings

HOUSTON, Texas – Starbucks is serving up a new dress code for its employees that's banning jewelry.

Starbucks say the new dress code is based on new Food and Drug Administration guidelines. Basically, no watches, bracelets or even wedding rings if they've got big stones in them. But it's not a complete jewelry ban. Necklaces worn underneath clothes, plain weddings bands and two small earrings are still allowed.

But here's the part that's brewing up some controversy, especially on social media. Employees are now allowed to freely show their tattoos, and they can even wear small piercings, like nose studs. But some customers say they much rather see jewelry rather than tats. Or even a ring on someone's finger, rather than their nose.

If you want to skip seeing a barista altogether, have them deliver it! Yeah, that could be a thing. Starbucks says they're going to offer a delivery option on its mobile app in select areas starting in 2015. Also before the end of the year, they're going to test a pre-order option in Portland.

Starbucks without leaving your desk? Kind of takes the whole fun out of 'coffee run,' eh?!

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