Plane makes scary crooked landing at O'Hare amid high winds

Watch This Plane Make a Crooked Landing at O'Hare

Wind in the Windy City is making faint-of-heart flyers a little nervous.

Chicago station WLS caught video of an airplane's crooked landing on Thursday. The wind forced the pilot to bring the aircraft in at a slight angle.

According to Fox News, wind speeds in the Chicago area reached 35 miles an hour, so it's not surprising that roughly 70 flights were cancelled at O'Hare and Midway Airports Thursday.

But while the high winds cancelled flights and created some scary sights, fortunately the plane was able to make a safe landing in the end.

And when it comes to difficulties for air travelers, Chicago's a tricky airport. According to's analysis of Bureau of Transportation Statistics, O'Hare is the top ranked airport for flight delays. Midway comes in at number eight on the top 10 list too.

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