Eminem loses his boyish face, shows new wrinkles

Eminem Looks Sickly at Awards Ceremony to Honor Dr. Dre
Eminem Looks Sickly at Awards Ceremony to Honor Dr. Dre


Multi-platinum rapper Eminem's look has not changed much over the years, but he certainly has aged.

The previously baby-faced lyricist appeared at the Wall Street Journal's Innovator of the Year awards on Wendesday looking older and a bit worse for the wear after having not made a public appearance for some time.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, looked like he's lost significant weight and appeared much older than his 42 years.

The controversial crooner wore his usual all-black getup, but his face looked noticeably thinner and more pallid than before he battled a highly publicized drug addiction.The Daily Mail openly speculated a pill addiction was to blame, but perhaps Eminem has finally just started to get a couple wrinkles.

Eminem's Changing Looks Through the Years:

Despite the rumors, he certainly looked different than in his starring turn in the semi-autobiographical movie "8 Mile," which dramatized his rise from a trailer park to one of the highest-selling rap artists in American history.

One thing that has remained though was his signature short blond hair, bravado and energy as he bounced around stage and expressed his gratitude towards mentor Dr. Dre. Em was on tap at the awards show to recognize Dre, a hip hop artist, record producer and entrepreneur, and Beats Audio head Jimmy Iovine as they were awarded for the success of their Beats headphones.

"As an example of how powerful they are, they had me fly here all the way from Detroit to speak publicly, and I really hate public speaking," he said.

Eminem is set to release a two-disc album later this month.