Hospital patient goes on violent rampage, dies mysteriously

Hospital Patient Goes On Violent Rampage, Dies Mysteriously
Hospital Patient Goes On Violent Rampage, Dies Mysteriously

Surveillance video from a Minnesota hospital captured a patient going on a violent rampage that ended in tragedy.

A patient, 68-year-old Charles Emmet Logan Sr., attacking multiple nurses at St. John's Hospital with a metal pole he removed from his bed. The nurses tried to flee, but Logan severely injured four before exiting the hospital. Two remain hospitalized, one with a punctured lung and the other with a broken wrist.

Maplewood police tried to stop Logan using a taser, but when the taser was ineffective several officers tackled the man to the ground. He died just moments after.

While his cause of death is still a mystery, those close to Logan are also trying to figure out what caused him to snap.

Maplewood police chief Paul Schnell told the Star Tribune, "You really hope that there is some clear answer for the sake of the family, for the sake of the nurses. Everybody just wonders, what happened here? We don't know."

Logan had been in the hospital for four days before the attack with paranoia. Medical examiners are investigating how he died.

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