That time Daniel Radcliffe drank a cup of anti-freeze -- and lived to tell about it

Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He Accidentally Drank A Cup Full Of Antifreeze

On "Conan," Daniel Radcliffe talked about that one time he drank a cup full of antifreeze while he was in Canada filming his newest movie "Horns" in Canada.

Yes, antifreeze - you know, that insanely dangerous chemical that can kill you if you ingest it.

As you probably know, it gets pretty cold in Canada.

And the employees on the "Horns" movie set didn't want the trailers to freeze overnight, so they put antifreeze in the pipes.

But poor, poor Daniel had no idea.

"So it's all, like, nonpotable water that comes out of the tap. I did not know that. So I, like, drank a full cup of nonpotable water. So I guess, like, half antifreeze or whatever it would have been."

Ugh, that makes our stomachs turn just thinking about it!

And it made Daniel sick too. Like, really, really sick. He told Conan O'Brien he was feverish and nauseous for three days after that.

But luckily, he made it through okay.

And fans on Twitter thought his story was the perfect public service announcement for antifreeze poisoning. We'd have to agree.

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