Couple plots escape from the back of a cop car

Arrested Florida Couple Plans Escape in Back of Police Car
Arrested Florida Couple Plans Escape in Back of Police Car

Florida's Seminole County Sheriff's Department released a baffling video that shows a newly-arrested couple attempting a brazen escape from the back of a police car, WESH reports.

Jonathan Kokontis, 25, was arrested for allegedly breaking into cars and homes. Melissa Schneider, 27, was arrested for aiding a felon and for drug possession. After the arrest, they start to hatch a plan that unfolds over 30 minutes.

"If you can reach your hand through one of those bars you can grab the outside lever and you can open the door," Kokontis tells Schneider.

It sounds easier than it is -- especially because Schneider is in handcuffs. Though Schneider can't do much to aid their big escape, Kokontis manages to get his hands in front of his body.

That's when he tries to convince her of the ol' "pick the cuffs with earrings" trick. They don't get very far with that idea, so Kokontis hides the earring in his mouth and then spits it out.

Eventually, the deputy opens the door and asks what's going on. The duo make excuses, explaining that Schneider lost her earring when she was "hugging" Kokontis.

The cop seems to buy their story, and that's when Kokontis makes his move, dashing out of the car ... but not getting too far.

Vuz reports that cops chased Kokontis into a home, where he apparently armed himself with a pickaxe before a K-9 unit brought him down.

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