'Wheel of Fortune' contestant makes embarrassing mistake

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Makes Embarrassing Mistake
'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Makes Embarrassing Mistake

We all know people aren't perfect. And when they happen to be contestants on "Wheel of Fortune," that fact doesn't change. Some mistakes are worse than others, and Tuesday, one contestant's was just downright embarrassing.

In case you didn't catch it ... the contestant guessed "L" right after a different person guessed the same letter.

There's just something about game show moments like this that tickle our inner demons and make us laugh. A user on YouTube posted the clip from the show and it's already gotten over 900,000 views.

A writer for The Huffington Post says Kaulana is just one of many contestants to mess up on the show. "Sometimes they miss obvious answers or even make ridiculous guesses that could never possibly be right. Unfortunately for this contestant, he didn't even get that far."

While Entertainment Tonight called this 'The Most Cringey 'Wheel of Fortune' Fail,' we're not sure we agree.

One moment from back in April was pretty bad when one contestant mispronounced "Achilles."

Who could forget the moment where contestants were supposed to be guessing popular song lyrics and one contestant guessed "Surf Clay Where We Go" instead of "Surf City Here We Come"?

As for Kaulana, HLN's Robin Meade said, "He ended up winning the game, though, and took home $56,000."

We're thinking now that Kaulana has that extra cash in his pocket, he's not sweating the little mess-up.

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