Victoria's Secret renames 'The Perfect Body' campaign slogan

Victoria's Secret Under Fire for 'Perfect Body' Campaign
Victoria's Secret Under Fire for 'Perfect Body' Campaign


Last month, Victoria's Secret launched a campaign with the slogan "The Perfect 'Body" scrawled cross 10 Victoria's Secret angels who are all extraordinarily thin. The slogan apparently referred to the lingerie retailer's line of bras and underwear called 'Body,' and not actually to the models who wore them.

But nonetheless, the Internet and girls everywhere lashed out at the company, calling the slogan "harmful," "disgusting" and "shameful."

The advertisement had appeared on the Victoria's Secret website and in some stores in the United Kingdom, according to Business Insider.

In an effort to make the company aware of their mistake, two British students created a petition on, asking the company to: "change the wording on their advertisements ... to something that does not promote unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty."

The petition received more than 25,000 digital signatures.

Though the company has not apologized, the Victoria's Secret website now has a new slogan: "A Body for Every Body," still accompanied by the same image.

Meanwhile, another lingerie company called Dear Kate responded to Victoria's Secret campaign with a photograph mimicking Victoria's Secret's original image of 10 angels with one of 10 curvy women. The site accompanied the photograph with the following text: "As if women need a reminder of our society's homogenous definition of beauty...the creators of the ad probably didn't think twice about the message it is sending, and to us, it's irresponsible marketing."

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