Server receives $1,000 tip from stranger

VIRAL: Server Receives $1,000 Tip From Stranger
VIRAL: Server Receives $1,000 Tip From Stranger

Colorado server Carly DiMuzio received a very generous tip from a woman just trying to pay it forward. Toward the end of her meal, the tipper asked DiMuzio for a piece of paper and a pen.

KUSA reports: "What she left behind, though, was her $15 meal paid in full, along with a $1,000 tip. ... The accompanying note said, 'I have waited for the right person since seeing this on Facebook.'"

"I literally was speechless. ... I'm extremely forever grateful for her," DiMuzio said.

The generous tipper is identified only as Susan. She told KUSA she saw a Facebook post talking about large tips and she was just waiting for the right person so she could do the same.

Vail Daily reports that 32-year-old DiMuzio had heard of these types of things happening, but as she said, she never expected it to happen to her.

We can't really get enough of this paying it forward thing. It reminds us of the story of Kathleen Connors paying for a father and son's dinner at a diner in Vermont. It started a pay-it-forward chain that lasted nearly 40 tables!

In DiMuzio's case, the tip was way more than the customary 15-20 percent AARP recommends.

Regardless, DiMuzio's car needs some work, and we all know car repair doesn't come cheap, so that large tip was likely much needed.

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