Most ridiculous "Jeopardy!" category ever

Most Ridiculous
Most Ridiculous

"Jeopardy!" made up fake rap names and they were... ridiculous.

I'm sure it's fun for the writers over at "Jeopardy!" to come up with interesting categories and questions for the popular game show, but when they came up with the "Not A Successful Rap Musician" category they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

Gawker has called it "the most embarrassing thing [they've] ever seen on television," and while we completely agree that it is ludicrous, it's no more ludicrous than actual rapper names. Like Ludacris.

Still, this category was much better than "Jeopardy!"'s recent "What Women Want" category. Instead of answers like '"equal pay," or "to break through the glass ceiling," they were more like, "Some help around the house."

Not all categories are going to be winners, but those two are definitely losers.

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