Man eaten by giant Amazon anaconda -- for a reality television show

Man To Willingly Get Eaten By An Anaconda
Man To Willingly Get Eaten By An Anaconda


A man has agreed to be eaten alive by an anaconda for a television show.

Paul Rosolie will sidle up to the hulking Amazon beast covered in pig's blood for a Discovery Channel reality show set to air next month, according to network promos.

'Eaten Alive" will air December 7 and feature Rosolie wearing a special suit that allowed him to survive being devoured by the giant snake in the name of bizarre television.

"You have to go head first," Rosolie says in one of the promotions airing on Discovery.

Footage shows a team of brave people, perhaps with a death wish, jump out of a boat into the Amazon River and capture a giant anaconda.

The killer snake is then put into a captive area with Rosolie, wearing the suit and covered in blood.

The special protective suit also has a tether, presumably for air, and perhaps to drag him out should things not go as planned.

Though Rosolie clearly survives, he has been on Twitter in recent days, animal rights activists are up in arms over the ultimate fate of the unsuspecting snake.

Giant anacondas have long spooked and intrigued humans.

They were even the subject of a 1996 horror movie starring John Voigt and Jennifer Lopez. Voigt's turn in the b-movie ended when he was eaten alive by one of the creatures.

A petition has already demanded the network yank the special.

"This is animal abuse to the highest degree and absolutely disgusting, and could kill the snake," the petition reads. "An adult green anaconda cannot fit the width of an adult man's shoulders into it's [sic] body."

Rosolie defended the show on his personal website.

"All I can tell you now is that all my work is based around the fact that wildlife and ecosystems today, across the globe, are at a critical moment," he wrote. "For those worried about animal cruelty, I invite you to research my work -- read my bio.

"Then ask yourself: would this person ever hurt an animal?"

We'll find out soon enough.

Check out a sneak peek from the show:

'Eaten Alive':
'Eaten Alive':

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