Guess where people wear the highest heels

You Won't Guess Which State Wears The Highest Heels
You Won't Guess Which State Wears The Highest Heels

Online luxury discount retailer Gilt conducted research into the average heel height for women.

The places with people sporting the highest pumps and platforms are the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and U.S. states including Nevada, Florida and Arkansas -- where pretty much everyone drives. The highest stiletto lovers are in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with an average height of 2.87 inches.

The lowest heels by state are Nebraska, Kansas, Maine and Vermont -- all under two inches.

U.S. states with pedestrian friendly areas like New York City are on the lower end -- despite being the fashion capital of the world. Anyone who's ever lived in NYC will tell you it ain't easy catching the subway in a pair of 4 inch heels.

If you're wondering why in the world Gilt spent their time and resources finding out whether women in Wyoming prefered ballet flats or kitten heels, there is a method to their madness.

This was all part of their research into anticipatory shopping -- meaning they're trying to preemptively know what you're going to buy to wear to your office holiday party before you've even decided to go.

"The Gilt tech team doesn't need an in-house psychic to help us predict which customers will buy products we've never sold before," states Gilt on their Tech Blog. "Instead, we rely on the data wizardry performed by our Principal Data Scientist, Igor Elbert, who has been helping us to refine our product performance predictions ... by using various machine learning and predictive modeling techniques."

So Gilt knows that just like Carrie Bradshaw, we like our investments hanging right where we can see them... in our closet -- and now they know exactly what you want to invest in before you do.

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