Hero college football players lift 5,000-pound truck off pinned man to save his life

Football Players Rescue Man Crushed Under Truck
Football Players Rescue Man Crushed Under Truck


Two Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) football players are being hailed as heroes for saving the life of a man nearly crushed to death by lifting a truck off him.

Chevy Mikaele and Ben Langford were at bible study after football practice when they heard John Reilly outside screaming for help, they told KOB. Reilly was pinned under a pickup truck and quickly dying.

"The truck was completely crushing him, completely on his chest," Mikaele told the station.

Several other church members joined the two hulking football players outside. Both gridiron greats quickly lifted the truck off Reilly and dragged him to safety, they recalled to the station.

Those outside immediately called the two men heroes, but they refused to accept the accolades.

"It wasn't us," Langford insisted. "It was God. You can see this truck looks pretty heavy, it took the strength of God to pick this up."

An early 1990s Ford F-150 pickup truck similar to the one said to have pinned Reilly weighs about 5,250 pounds, according to Edmunds.

Reilly was rushed to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition.

He told bystanders he was working on the vehicle when it suddenly shifted gears and rolled on top of him.

Reilly is expected to survive his injuries, and will likely root for ENMU for his remaining days.

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