'NOPE': Newspaper covers chronicle Republican takeover of Senate, downfall of Obama Democrats


New York newspaper covers stood out in a nationwide red sea of midterm elections coverage, but there were some surprising covers elsewhere.

The New York Daily News' cover mocked campaign posters from President Barack Obama's first run to the White House in 2008. The New York Post gleefully compared Obama to an emperor with no clothes.

The Daily News changed Obama's iconic "HOPE' poster to instead read "NOPE."

A shirtless, barrel-wearing, crowned Obama with a sad face adorned the cover of the Post.

"STRIPPED! Emperor has no clothes," the tabloid loudly shouts.

The Kansas City Star called Election Day "Red Tuesday."

"It's Mitch!" bellowed the Louisville Courier-Journal, in reference to Senator Mitch McConnell likely becoming the Senate majority leader.

Other covers variably referred to states turning or seeing red, and the Des Moines Register proclaimed this year's election historic.

Republican Joni Ernst, Iowa's first female Senator and the first female military veteran elected to the chamber, adorned the cover.

The Chicago Sun-Times surprisingly ignored the entire election, instead choosing to go with a cover story about a woman sentenced to life in prison for her role in a horrific double homicide.

President Obama, it is worth noting, was a Senator from Illinois (based in Chicago) prior to ascending to the White House.

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