Mom who threw child over bridge suffered 'mental breakdown'

Mom Who Threw Child Over Bridge Suffered 'Mental Breakdown'
Mom Who Threw Child Over Bridge Suffered 'Mental Breakdown'

The Oregon mother who was arrested after throwing her 6-year-old son off a bridge possibly had a breakdown before committing the heinous act.

Jillian McCabe is now in jail, charged with murder. She called police Monday night and told them she threw her son, who had autism, over the bridge in Newport.

The Coast Guard says two boats and a helicopter searched the area around the bridge for hours before spotting the body.

Relatives say she had a mental collapse while facing significant personal challenges: a sick husband and caring for a child with autism who doesn't speak.

She kept a blog in 2011 and 2012, describing her trials. In one entry she writes about her son London's condition.

"I love London so much and I want him to further progress and grow and be happy. Autism is a thief that has stolen my son from me. No matter what progress London makes, I live in constant fear that he will regress again or that he will get even worse. I want to celebrate his progression, but I am afraid."

A short time after she started the blog, her husband Matt was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jillian then reached out... on an online fundraising site for financial help to help care for her family, but the appeal ended after raising $7,000 of the $50,000 goal.

Her next court date is set for November 14.

If you or someone you know is struggling to raise a child with autism, there is help. You can find info about what resources are available in your area at AutismHelp.Info.

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