Martin Short's memoir details touching relationship with late wife

Martin Short's New Memoir Shows Touching Relationship with Late Wife
Martin Short's New Memoir Shows Touching Relationship with Late Wife

You usually don't expect the goofiest comedians to say the most poignant things, but Martin Short's new memoir highlights a sensitive and touching side to the actor that may bring you to tears.

In the funnyman's new book, 'I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend,' the Emmy Award winning actor opens up about his life, love and loss.

His musings about his continued relationship with his late wife Nancy Dolman, who he lost to ovarian cancer in 2010, are incredibly emotional.

Like so many who've lost the ones they love, Short is keeping Nancy as a major part of his life. He writes in the book: "So some night, when I'm really missing her, I'll grab a rum and Coke at twilight and sit on the couch on our front porch, or perhaps upstairs, on the balcony off of our bedroom, with the Pacific Ocean in view'. 'I'll call out, 'Hey, Nan'! Forming the words just feels good in the throat."

Short and his beloved wife met in the mid 70s, and he explains it was basically love at first site. The two were married for 36 years and had three children. The actor explains that just because you can't see his late love, doesn't mean she isn't there.

"These, our talks, go on internally, not out loud. You won't find me sitting out there chattering away, switching seats, schizophrenically playacting both parts ... but we do talk, Nancy and I, and I can totally hear where she agrees with me and where she disagrees."

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