'Henna Heals:' Bald breast cancer battler given stunning body art crown

'Henna Heals': Bald Breast Cancer Battler Given Stunning Body Art Crown
The henna heads project aims to empower women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy cancer treatment. These henna crowns are becoming a beautiful movement. It has even caught the attention and support of world famous henna artist Ash Kuma.

The design, accessories, and embellishment of the henna crown took Ash Kuma around an hour and a half to complete. These beautiful head crowns are a powerful way to raise awareness particularly in the Asian regions. Cancer is more common than we would like to believe and can happen to anyone. that awareness is key.

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'Henna Heals:' Bald breast cancer battler given stunning body art crown

Stop worrying about the things you cannot change. Based on the current evidence, what can you do to prevent breast cancer?

Survival has improved enormously, so there are more women living with, not dying from, breast cancer. Of course, we know more women with breast cancer, or more encouragingly, who have survived breast cancer.

Life expectancy has increased, and risk for breast cancer increases with age ... older women = more breast cancer.

Women are having fewer children, often at older ages, and pregnancy does offer some protective benefit against breast cancer. However, prevention is not a great reason to have a baby, so there's nothing you can change here.

Breast cancer detection is better, resulting in increased numbers of diagnoses. These early diagnoses are saving lives.

We are no longer ashamed to use the word "breast," or "cancer" for that matter. Your parents' generation wasn't wearing pink ribbons and exposing bald heads to raise awareness. It was there, it was just something we didn't talk about at parties.

A big part of the reason you feel like there is more breast cancer, is because we are talking about it. Thank God for this conversation -- it is saving lives.

Maintain a healthy weight.


Enjoy a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

See your doctor and stay current on your recommended screening exams.

There is ongoing research about how working night shifts may increase risk, but before you quit your night job, I suggest giving the evidence time to sort itself out.


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